Meet Rebecca May

Rebecca is a passionate dog trainer with a deep love for all animals but an affinity for dogs. With three rescue pups of her own, she has honed her training skills through personal experience and has made a successful career switch from healthcare to dog training. Rebecca finds immense satisfaction in helping owners create stronger connections with their dogs, fostering a sense of calm and confidence in both pet and owner. Her expertise ranges from puppy training to handling more challenging cases of aggression, which she finds incredibly rewarding. With a non-discriminatory approach to breeds, sizes, and ages, Rebecca firmly believes that every dog deserves a chance to live a better life, and she strives to make that a reality for all her clients.

“My dog Riggins was so lucky to be placed with Rebecca as his trainer. My family has seen a drastic change in Riggins listening skills. He came back a different dog in the best way possible! Leaving your dog for overnight training is not easy, but Rebecca made the process easier than I could have imagined by keeping in touch and giving so much love and care to Riggins, just as if he were her own. I’m forever thankful.”
-Shelby Scheffler

Rebecca May Dog Trainer