Meet Edward Frebowitz

Edward believes training is a fantastic way to create a lifelong bond with your dog. His favorite dog breed is the Rottweiler and Staffordshire Terrier, but he loves to train all breeds.

Edward’s training tip is consistency and practice. Consistency is the key to excellent dog training, and taking a few minutes a day to practice with your dog will pay dividends in the end and make your dog a great member of the family.

“Edward Frebowitz trained Hilde, our german shepherd puppy. When she first went to him, she was sweet-tempered but unfocused. We had difficulty getting her to recall reliably, and as a puppy, she lacked other basic skills. After a two-week board and train session with Edward, we got Hilde back better than ever. Her leash skills, short and long-distance recall, and impulse control, were incredible. Best of all, she returned calmer and focused with her newfound obedience skills. Edward has stayed in touch with us and checked in on Hilde to ensure she maintains her training. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Edward.

Michael and Rebekah Gallant”

If you wish to have your dog trained by me, please get in touch with me via email at or call 609-800-0589.